Welcome to our renewed website!

Team Arctica Artista has now renewed its website and the information there. On our website, we have brought out a little more about safety issues and what we do related to them, which we have done for a long time at various events for several decades.

We are a group of different professional groups that have been working in the fells of Käsivarre for a long time, which combines long experience in tourism customer work, wilderness safety issues, local experience and know-how, cultural issues. I hope it is better visible from the outside on the current pages. Our desire is to maintain an authentic life in our own fells and to try to arrange for everyone who is interested in it the opportunity to be a part of it, without industrially or completely ignorantly changing things. Customs in the fells, respect for others, unsaid or agreed things are still relevant to everyone and would not be forgotten or unilaterally changed. Nature and sustainable development around it is a key factor.


We welcome you all to get to know the beautiful, but so barren arctic wilderness areas that can also be found in the fells of Finland. From us or other local entrepreneurs, you will definitely get great help to experience things and enjoy experiences on trips safely.


Kari Anunti



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